Charge of sale at the market: (1 week*):
Car – 12 €
Charge of car carrier at the market (1 week*):
Car carrier – 15 €
All other car carriers – 12 €
Car parking in the market (1 day*):
Truck 3 €
Car transporter loaded one day 15 €
For sale 1,5 €
* Prices are valid only UAB “Varanas” territory
Sale!!! Saturday ticket can be purchased for 6 euros.

This is a particularly convenient way for people whose car sales are not the main activity. If you do not have the time on weekdays or the weekly market ticket is too expensive, this one-day ticket allows you to sell your car well on weekends!

Charge is paid before entering car site.
*Comment: a receipt is valid for one calendar week (i.e. from Monday till Sunday).